About Hoopology 5on5


Hoopology 5on5 is focused on training our athletes with the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing them for the next level (middle school, high school and/or college). We believe consistent training in our program will provide our athletes with the necessary tools to help them make the right decisions on and off the basketball court.



Hoopology 5on5 basketball program is unique because our staff has collectively coached and played over 30 years. We understand that the game of basketball is evolving and changing daily. We teach our players how to play on the perimeter and post, not just one or the other. We teach basic fundamentals, techniques, components and skills. When your child practices and learns these individual elements he or she can master the game.

Hoopology 5on5 realizes that it takes more than athletic ability and skill to be successful. We reinforce and strengthen character. We emphasize priorities that allow for maximum personal, physical, mental and emotional growth--academically and socially.



Hoopology 5on5 vision is to attract dedicated families who are brave enough to pursue the basketball dream aggressively. We understand the effort and commitment it requires. That’s why we take our mission very serious and appreciate the sacrifices from our families. In addition, we believe by surrounding ourselves with like minded families our success will be inevitable.




Hoopology 5on5 teaches:

Shooting          Rebounding     Ball Handling              Footwork         Jumping           Speed Agility

Defense           Respect           Sportsmanship            Teamwork       Discipline        Perseverance

Tenacity          Patience          Cooperation                Communication          Competing



Hoopology 5on5 demands that our players give their best in whatever they do. Just as coaches and teachers give 110%, we require the same from our student-athletes. We demand they give their best so they can be their best in whatever they do. We understand the commitment it requires to attend and we appreciate this great effort and sacrifice from you and your child.

Hoopology 5on5 requires:

Dedication Commitment Accountability Love of Game Consistent Effort Undivided Attention



You will see marked improvement in your child’s basketball skills after just a few sessions at Hoopology 5on5. The character-building life skills your child learns at Hoopology 5on5 will fuel and propel your child in whatever he/she attempts. The newfound confidence, improved self-image and pride your child gains from our program will stimulate his or her growth and maturity. Hoopology 5on5 hopes your child can use their abilities to obtain an education.